FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions at Meso Technology by clients

  • 1. Do we will be allocated a developer?
    Yes, we will allocate a dedicated developer for you who will be working for you for a month that is 160 hours. We will also allocate the IT base of workstation and rented lines so that you will not have any work interference.
  • 2. What will be the hourly and monthly rates?
    We charge according to the work standards, so they generally vary from project to project but the overall Average rate is $70-$120.
  • 3. Will the rate vary with the length of assignments?
    We generally take ventures for a month at least. If in the case the task is small we can employee you our designer or developer for duration of 15 days, but cost gets higher for that.
  • 4. Do you have talented and experienced designer?
    We have expert team of developers and designers having experience of 3 years. We have designers and developers been working on all technologies, PHP, WordPress, Jommla, .Net and others.
  • 5. What endowed and experienced is your team?
    We have specialized employee as
    - IPhone and iPad development = x-code editor, c as objective, database as SQL Lite.
    - Android OS = Eclipse as editor, SDK of Android, SQL Lite Database.
    - Blackberry = Eclipse as editor, SDK of Blackberry, J2ME, SQL Lite Databae.
  • 6. Working days and duration?
    At Meso, we work 5 days of the week. We have our team with you for 8 hours a day. We have 24*7 support for your convenience.
  • 7. How to communicate with your designers?
    We have a screen administration of the task been allocated to your designer or developer. We have different login ID and Password for you for our PMS also. You can allocate work and get the results too. Our employee are available through VoIP like Skype for video chat in case of any query.
  • 8. Would I be able to speak to Meso Technology?
    Yes, Meso Technology has a support center which runs 24*7, so you will be able to communicate with them at any moment of the day.
  • 9. What is the quality of Meso Technology?
    We assure you the quality of work. We have been working in this field since last five years. We have our testimonials list which is portfolio of our company. We have delivered best services and we promise to maintain our quality.
  • 10. Can I See the demonstration of your work?
    Yes, we do provide the demo of our work. We have some of our projects live, so you can check them. Again you can login through our id and can check the administration panel and can check the work flow.
  • 11. Can we get the customized product or solution as per our requirement?
    Yes, we do customization as per your requirements. We would ask you to list out your requirements and design structure. We analyze the requirements and then will provide you to design and development idea. As soon as you approve we will start deploying your project.