Introducing Meso Technology

  • Positioned at the IT business center of Australia, Sydney, NSW, Meso Technology has innovative infrastructural offices fueled with fantastic mechanical headway and redesigned programming to convey the best future-verification arrangements and administrations in accordance with your differed business requirements and sections. We have self-confidence in maintaining up our framework synchronized, empowered with office of distributed computing and outsourcing models.

Environment at Meso Technology

  • With 98% of base accessibility as the year progressed, we got connected to world-class innovation concentrating on security, dependability and obviously, versatility to take business to the following level. Meso Technology gives secured IT environment prompting elite results alongside with extra enhancements. To guarantee persistent operation, we keep up all fundamental plans and activities under quality controlled environment. We additionally strengthen customer reviews and assessments.

Meso Technology Center

  • Each of the advancement floors of Meso Technology have the ability to oblige more than 100 designers fueled with secured worldwide integration to the remote clients through feature conferencing and VoIP technologies. Also, we have separate labs for diverse innovations we fragment away it, for example, we have a Mobile Application Development Center for iPhone and iPad, a Symbian applications center, a Game Development Corner, Research & Development, Designing, Testing and other for Administration, HR, Finance and so forth. The excellent yield of our administrations and arrangements demonstrate the inspiration and duty of our representatives alongside the late venture of devices to track the tasks assigned.

Cutting edge Infrastructure

World-class environment at our office fully equipped with most recent innovation and framework.
  • Central AC Office and fully equipped with facilities
  • Conference Room and Meeting Rooms with Projector
  • Lunchroom, Canteen & Refreshment Areas
  • Waiting Area and Reception Area
  • 15 Terminals with LCD/LED screens to support 200 employee
  • Highly Protected Server with UPS
  • Bio-Metric System of Entry & Register maintenance system
  • 5 mbps speed rented line for dedicated web associations
  • Simultaneous alongside infection observing crossway over LAN and a high firewall security
  • Offshores Dedicated Servers situated in the US, UK, India, Turkey and Hong Kong

IT Infrastructure

We had a glimpse over centre let us look into it, IT infrastructure that is really of more concern to learn about an IT service providing company.
  • Dedicated Servers
    • Linux, Microsoft Server 2008, 2 IBM M3x3650 servers
    • Database storage 222- Database Server
    • Application Hosting - Hosted Application Server
    • Internet Security – an Internet Gateway, Firewall
    • Email - Mail Server
    • Demo Server - cloud based demo servers for apps demonstration
    • 100+ computers, 2 printers and 2 scanners
    • Internal Network connected - Switches using cables
    • Secured Network traffic - vLan
    • External Network connected - Firewall Cisco Router
    Data Security
    • Automatic Anti-virus updating process
    • Internet Network gateway - filters
    • Data security – Data BackUp scheduling
    • Job - Patch management
    • Data Sharing – Centralized client and Server with anti-spyware
    Internet Connectivity
    • Local Speed -10 mbps bandwidth (with an Internet Leased Line connection)
    Communication tools
    • Skype – Video Tool
    • Gtalk – Chat Tool
    • MSN Messenger - Chat Tool
    • Yahoo Messenger - Chat Tool
    • Team Viewer – Screen Sharing Tool
    • Projector – Conferencing and meetings