Soho Bar

Project Description

Anyone that regularly seeks high-flying nightlife in Sydney, knows of the infamous SOHO Bar. Having played host to the world’s largest dance acts and some of Australia’s most successful parties,this venue is the largest in the area, truly making it the king of Kings Cross. In the winter of 2008 the clubs attendance levels slumped and a more effective marketing approach was required. Ownership spent a huge deal of money in renovations so there was a great deal of pressure to earn ROI with only a little budget remaining for advertising. The key to reinvigorating this brand was communication. With a carefully planned attack on a tough-to-impress youth market, SOHO reached an untouchable statues once again and boosted numbers beyond expectation. It skips a part at the end… I don’t like it.

Project Info

  • Client Soho Bar
  • Date 2015-07-20
  • Category Graphic Designing
  • URL